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Employability Skills For Graduates & Non Graduates




Unemployment in India is a serious social issue.  The unemployment rates in India is very high,  Based on the data rprocess in collaboration with V-Lead is implementing a vocational training programme to the unemployed youths to improve and enhance their skills and make them ready to face the interviews and make up their career.

Students are graduates but they don’t have enough soft skills to take specific job, in the college they are exposed only to the academic subjects.  Now the reality has changed and the person is not hired based on the current attitude, communication, confidence which is not meeting the employer expectations. 


rPROCESS has done a research & identified the following areas for the skill development.

  • Developing Communication Skills
  • Enhancing Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Helping to Identify Inherent Strengths, Skills and Knowledge
  • English grammar and minimum spoken English
  • Project Specific technical/process trainings


V-LEAD and R-PROCESS jointly designed a training model to address the above challenges to enable the candidates readiness and address the skill gap between the education and the employability.



The objective of the training is to boost the confidence level of participants and help them to enhance their technical and soft skill and also help them to face the interviews with confidence. The key objectives during the training are as below: 

  • Identification of the Inherent Strengths, weaknesses and skills
  • Enhancement of their Employability skills
  • Development of the communication Skills
  • Increase of confidence and self-esteem
  • Development of project specific skills like product designing and data analyzing.

Program Design:


  1. The training spread across 14 working days (Monday to Saturday) / 4 to 6 hours a day with 1 lunch break.
  2. Training has 4 Modules which includes Workplace etiquettes, English language, Technical and process.
  3. Training methodology includes presentation, group activities, simulation games, role plays, exercises, audio visual presentations and interactions.

Contents of the Program:

  • Personality Development with Grooming, Attitude & Communication
  • English language for reading, analyzing and writing.
  • Technical skills like usage of Internet Usage, Typing speed, Usage of MS office etc.
  • Project specific process skills

Summary :


17 unemployed youths were trained for 14 days on Employability skills and the training was concluded successfully with a positive note of 7 selections with the offer.  This is a platform  for V-lead & rProcess  to work to bridge the gap between education and work readiness. 



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