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Well Qualified Staff


Overall 27 years of experience in the areas of IT People Supply Chain Management, Competency & Training Management, Knowledge Management,  Collaboration with Academic Institutes for integrated Learning,  Business Operations, Managing Legal & Compliance of the process, Facilitating Behavioral and Communication trainings with a strong focus on business goals and organization change management & transformation. 


  1. Best Individual Award for streamlining the Service Desk operation and Customer Satisfaction
  2. Best Group Award for the Team Work
  3. Cash award from Vice President for the project of  “Retrieval of  old outstanding”
  4. Group award for the “Efficient & Successful Schedule VI reconciliation”
  5. Thanks a Billion Award for setting up a system for “Recruitment Process”
  6. Best Individual Award for the “Bench Engagement”
  • Best Function Award for 2016

    Achievements :

  • Improved resource inventory by 25% in a matter of 3 months through effective re-skilling,  better skill-matching and recruitment controls

  • Improved training Participants average satisfaction score from 3 to 4.5 by driving improvement actions and effective interactions with stakeholders

  • Recovered outstanding worth $1M by reviewing invoices, correcting invoice errors, resolving discrepancies and streamlined the process to contain the outstanding to less than 0.5% 
  • Through introduction & implementation of “online Certification approval process” the need based requests are focused resulted in reducing 50% of the ad-hoc requests
  • Trained  more than 10000 campus freshers and inducted towards corporate culture

Education/ Degree



  • IT Supply Chain Management with a strong people Supply Chain Planning and Demand fulfillment  to focus  lowering cost of fulfillment and reduction in hiring costs, Bench Engagement with productivity
  • Competency &Training Management  includes training design, planning and Execution  and governance
  • Facilitating Trainings  on Behavioral management, positive Attitude, Professionalism, High confidence, Work place etiquettes, Campus to Corporate,  Interview readiness, Customer service, Email & telephone etiquettes, Business Communication, Time management, Work-life balance,
  • Employee Counseling includes coaching, mentoring, career aspirations conversations, obtaining commitments from employees
  • Business operations includes  cost optimization , vendor negotiations, process validation, defining approval process, process automation
  • Negotiations with external vendors to optimize cost of services
  • Metrics and organization scorecards comprising of data collection, reporting, presentations and analysis against specific targets
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