Training at V-LEAD

Training at V-LEAD aims at fulfilling the capacity building needs that ensure competence among development partners, NGOs, Corporate and Government. It also focuses on strengthening and sustaining network of partners in development in various sectors through innovative & customized training programs and successful development models in training.
The objectives of the Department are-
• To fulfill training needs of  the Youth (community), NGOs, Government and Corporate sectors with a view to enhance values, skills to develop leaders for resurgent India.
• To build, strengthen and sustain network of partners in development
• To disseminate learning outcomes from the grassroots/field and transact practitioners knowledge.
• To facilitate all stakeholders in development ( Govt, NGOs, Corporate) to carry forward and improvise on best practices in training
• To negotiate the complexities that development sector demands by innovative customized programmes

Corporate Programs-

Enlightened Leadership: The program will give an understanding of a different perspective of leading and of authority. The participants will be able to distinguish between adaptive and technical challenges and help look within themselves to draw upon their inner strength and resources to face these challenges with humility and humor.  This workshop is also about learning how to stay alive and be a leader; it is about avoiding falling into the trap of being a counterfeit leader and it is as much about mobilizing your own inner resources as well as the resources of those around you. The participants will also have an understanding of excellence as holistic to a business and familiarize them with the fundamentals of leading and driving excellence in an organization.
Training Period : 3  days
Target audience : The program is specially meant for all heads of businesses and managers at the senior level across all sectors, who have to shoulder the responsibility to bring in empowerment within self and others.


Exercising Leadership in the Social Sector: The Sessions of the workshop will begin with understanding the definition and nature of Leadership. It will get people to appreciate themselves and what motivates them better. In a world in which most organizations, communities, and societies face enormous adaptive pressures, the practice of leadership is critical – the practice of mobilizing systems of people to thrive in changing and challenging times.  In this workshop, we apply theory to practice, clarifying the relationship among key concepts–leadership, management, authority, power, influence, followership, citizenship – to provide a practical, coherent and clear theoretical framework. The sessions will also begin to explore the challenge of managing personally the inevitable stresses and dangers of leadership.
Training Period : 4 days including immersion visit to Sargur, Hosahalli and Kenchanahalli.
Target audience : Senior Executive level of any sectors.

Leading Business Excellence: This course gives an overview of the Business excellence models and the salient principles used to drive excellence as a journey. The course objective is to introduce the concept of excellence in business and different models used across the world, especially Baldrige and EFQM. Through illustrations and exercises bring about an understanding of excellence as holistic to a business and familiarize them with the fundamentals of driving excellence in an organization.
Training period: 2days
Target Audience:  Senior Management of any sector.

Youth Programs:
Gen-Next: Gen-Next program which is a flagship program for V-LEAD focuses on the younger generation to make them efficient and productive human resource of our country through training on personality development of the youth. To boost the confidence level of students this will enable them to become good communicators and good decision makers. In engagement with Soften group V-LEAD imparted 7 skills for 7 institutions in 7 days spread in a year. The program is an endeavor to strengthen youth to make them efficient and productive human resource of our country through training on 7 crucial aspects of personality development viz. Leadership Skills, Communication Skills, Analytical Skills, Social Skills, Life Skills, Work Readiness, Understanding India
Training period: 7 days spread across 7 months in a year
Target Audience: College students

Youth Leaders for Development: The program is unique which has been specially designed for the rural youth who will be selected based on certain criteria most importantly from the rural background. The objective of the program is to impart the skills on adaptive leadership amongst the youth and also provide the knowledge about the development sector. The youth from rural background will also be taught how to manage an NGO and engage themselves effectively in the nation building activities. The program also includes providing vocational training to the youth to earn their bread with intent of creating social entrepreneurs at the village level.
Training Period: 30 days
Target Audience: Aspirants from the village who wants to work for the society.

PROBASE: Post Graduate Degree in Social Work (MSW) is exposure to the community and practical field work (on the job) experience. PROBASE have ensured utmost care in designing the Course Curriculum to get the students exposed to community and actual field situations through structured field work and block placement activities. Field work and block placement are important and crucial factors in the educational life of MSW graduates. Especially Block Placement is an opportunity for students to shape their career by exploring their qualities as there is continuity when compared with field work activities.
Training Period : 31 Days
Target Audience : Final year MSW students

Youth and Leadership: India is Youthful Nation. 60% of the total population belongs to the age group of 18 to 35 years. The energy in this group is enormous wherein there is a need to direct and guide them in a right way. To channelize this energy V-LEAD has developed a course called “Youth & Leadership”. The course will orient and pave way to guide the youth to develop their attitude and leadership skills to construct a purposeful career and life. The main focus of the program would be to help build the leadership qualities and values amongst the youth. It is also important that they learn communication and time management to become a great leader. The program also enables the participants to develop positive attitude in their behavior and develop a healthy lifestyle.
Training period- one day
Target audience- Post graduate students

Govt Programs:
Behavioral Management and Attitude Development: The Main objective of the program is to make the participants familiarize effective workplace behavior and increase their empathetic response towards the client/Stakeholders. To help the participants cultivate a positive lifestyle with an insight towards work-life balance. The participants will be helped to enhance their communication abilities which serves as an effective tool, also manage to handle stress and emotions effectively. The program helps facilitate participants align with organization values and goals to enhance their performances.
Training Period : 3 days
Target Audience : Banking staff ( Rural and Urban), Insurance Staff, other Govt officials of all cadres

Understanding NGOs and Development: Though the presence of NGOs seems to be everywhere, the challenge of understanding the phenomenon of NGOs remains a surprisingly difficult one. One reason for this is that NGOs are an extremely diverse group of organizations, which can make meaningful generalization very difficult. NGOs play different roles across various contexts. The program is all about to understanding the working of the NGOs, its structure, its collaboration with the external environment, role in creating awareness, role in participation with government for implementation of developmental programmes. The participants will be taken to visit our project sites to evaluate and understand the role of NGO in the development sector.
Training period: 2days
Target Audience: Govt officials

NGO Programs:
Community Led Development: The course on Community Led Development provides broad insight and understanding of Development sector, understanding community its needs and dynamics, community participation, synergistic partnership to improve the effectiveness and compliance of CSR.  It is therefore prudent and important for CSR personnel in all corporates to have a comprehensive understanding of the concept of development, aspects, provisions and implementation strategies of CSR initiatives which will be instrumental in contributing towards community development. This program also enable the participant understand the community dynamics and tools such as Participatory rural appraisal and community need assessment.
Training period:10 days
Target audience: Anyone interested to work with the community.

Art and Science of healthy living: The objective of the program is help participants understand the importance of health, maintain healthy balance between work and life, an healthy introspection leading to positive change. To understand better the Interconnectedness and Inter dependency of heart, mind, body and soul
Training period: 1 day/2 days
Target Audience: Any level associates from any sector.

Facilities at V – LEAD:
V-LEAD operates from a well-equipped campus at Hebbal in Mysore. The campus includes informative library possessing around 5000+ books. 24 hour internet facility and four training halls with state of the art facilities with Audio visual aids. Residential facility is available at our Hostel Campus located in close proximity, which is well- furnished and equipped to provide a ‘feel at home’ stay and serves healthy vegetarian food.

Resource Pool :V-LEAD Strengths lies in having a very good resource pool to organize and conduct trainings, workshops and various capacity building programs. We have a pool of experienced and qualifies trainers internally who are experts in their subject knowledge. In addition to the above training programs, we also offer customized training programs specific to organizations. We have partners in all industries/organizations and can bring in experts to make sure you get the best results.

Quality, Commitment & Feedback: We believe in rendering quality in all that we do and are deeply committed to it.  We are also a learning organization and seek to constantly improve ourselves.  We value the feedback given by our trainees and analyze and internalize them with sincerity.

An evaluation sheet will be provided to assist us in measuring the different aspects of the workshop including the trainers, topics, content, transaction methodology and our facilities.  All participants will be requested to give their feedback in the forms provided to them at the end of the course.