MDM Alumni

Master in Development Management (MDM) alumni work in the public, private and non-profit sectors – for governments, institutions and public service organizations – in cities, towns and rural areas all across the world. Some are elected to project managers while others build economic, political and social capacities from the ground up. Their stories reflect their dedication, passion and talent as they use their MDM education to help make the world a better place.

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V-LEAD has completed 32 years – with a deep sense of satisfaction and pride over its record of contributions, achievements and recognition received. As a young and vibrant Institution entering its thirties, it has introspected over the past, and embarked on the pursuit of its vision of building Nation’s social and human capital. In this regard, the Institute needs to take several new initiatives; besides strengthening many nascent pursuits by mobilizing and deploy significant resources. It is not always how much funds are raised from alumni, but rather the level of alumni participation in giving our best to the institute. So a gift of any amount is truly appreciate and will go a long way towards improvement of the programs and touching many more needy lives.

Alumni Bodies:

During the alumni meet- Sangosti- 2015, one person from each batch selected as a representative to look-after all the alumni correspondence. The list of the representatives are below for the reference.


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Alumni Speak:

MDM course has helped me to be self-sufficient. I have learnt how to lead in any team and to work with a community. I felt that this is a holistic approach which helps the students to manifest what they already have.

Ms Priya .H.A.

MDM course enables us to work for the betterment of the society. The course helped me to enhance my knowledge and creativity. I got an opportunity to learn a lot through practical exposure and field visits.

Ms Savitha .N

I personally enjoyed the curriculum and the extra-curricular activities at the Institution. It is really interesting to learn the different points of views of people from different backgrounds.

Ms DivyaBai .A.C

It is a unique course offering the best of both social work and management component integrated within the course. It is also recognized by University of Mysore. It moulds us as a professional student.

Mr Chandra N S

I have learnt a lot from the course and it has been a nice experience. I feel happy because we did plenty of activities, not only helpful from career point of view but also increased our understanding about the development sector. I have been selected for a fellowship program, which is a first step in my career. Though I am from a village and studied in Kannada medium, I can communicate in English now. The course developed our broad thinking. It creates leadership qualities in us.

Ms Kavitha

MDM is a concept that has emerged as an amalgamation of MBA & MSW courses hence I feel it is a unique and rarest of rare course. This course for sure improved our GK and Vocabulary. At the same time this course gave us a  the broad idea about the NGO’s, its role, Tasks, enhanced our abilities as a student and introduced us to the professional mannerisms. On the whole this course helped us for our holistic development                                                                    


MDM course enables the students to have a broader perspective on the development sector. It enhances the students to face challenging role in NGO’S and corporate sector with its inter-disciplinary approach. The course also focuses on bringing out the inner potential of each student.

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Don Dominic

 This course is very good not only in the relevant field of work but also has an impact on our life. I have spent my last 2 years here in V-LEAD and have come to realize that we not only learnt subjects but also learnt various skills, habit for reading magazines and books.


After the two years of stay at V- LEAD, I have realized that this institute illuminates a quality of leadership through the conducted course called MDM. I also experienced that this course has not only enriched me with the quality of leadership but also has imbibed me with knowledge of society, politics, government, business, Management, Science, Technology, Philosophy, Health etc…..I thank V-LEAD for conducting such a course that filled me with these knowledge

Amritlal Tigga

MDM is a unique course .It helped me to build my career in the development sector. I have improved my communication skill after joining this course because of E+ class that will be conducted daily to improve the English speaking ability and it  also focuses on  the personalit development. Thanks to V-LEAD for introducing  this  special course.

Adarsh Kumar.S

MDM is a very good and unique course. It has given me a knowledge about life  and has helped me to develop leadership qualities.  Apart from regular class room teaching we have also been   exposed to fleld work which has given me  practical knowledge.I am really proud to be a  student of this program.



MDM is a program which has a combination of both Social work and Management Components. It  has helped me understand the social values as well as  managerial skills. This course has  inculcated the professional  values in me.

  Arun Kumar GL
MDM course gives a good platform for learning Development issues.The practical experience given here helps us to prepare for a good future. I learnt a lot of skills in this institute that enriched  my career profile


Alumni Classnotes:

I am doing my internship in Grassroots Research And Advocacy Movement (GRAAM). It is a public policy research and advocacy initiative based in Mysore. As soon as the day I joined, I was sent to the field with the Community Consultation team in Bangalore slums. That was not a big challenge for me because we had these exposures while doing Masters in Development Management (MDM). The field exposures in masters helped me to adapt to the field situations at work and also helped in communicating with the community effectively. I have worked here in 3-4 Projects and the documentation and reporting skills learnt in MDM helped me to apply it practically. Preparing literature reviews, tables, collecting secondary data in the projects became easier, as it was learnt in the MDM.

Ms. Priya .A (Batch 2013-15)

After completion of my graduation in Commerce, I wish to be an entrepreneur and to work with women of economically and socially poor. Thus, I got an opportunity to excel my knowledge and skill when I joined a unique course on ‘Development Management’ in Vivekananda institute for leadership development, Mysore. I learnt about the various sectors like health, sustainable development, and management, social, economic and research. After completion of the course, currently I am working as an Executive Assistant at Venus Gas Services and this position I work closely with Govt. Schemes like smokeless village and sustainable development program around the city.

Divya Bai
MDM Alumnus
9th Batch