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Luminaries of V-LEAD

Prof.Govinda Sharma

Senior Faculty, V-LEAD

Prof Govinda Sharma has more than three decades of consultancy and teaching experience.He is on the Board of Studies and a professor at the Vivekananda Institute for Leadership Development (V-LEAD), an initiative of Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM). He is presently teaching the courses “Water Resources Management”, “Sustainable Development”and “Research Methodology” to the Master of Development Management (MDM) students at V-LEAD. Earlier, he has taught “Ethics & Values in Management” and “Strategic Management” to the post graduate students of management at SDM Institute for Management Development, Mysore. Earlier he has taught “Change Management” to the MBA students at NMIT. He is a
resource person at UGC Staff Training College, Mysore University, Administrative Training Institute and Postal Training Centre.He has worked as Project Management Consultant for a Project funded by the Asian Development Bank. He has worked for premium consultancy firms in India namely, Tata Consulting Engineers and Fichtner Consulting Engineers. Overseas, he has worked with MinConsult, Malaysia and Electrowatt (UK) at Dubai.
His area of research interest is Small and Medium Enterprises. He has presented a number of research papers in India and abroad. His paper on “Innovative Pedagogy in Management with special reference to Strategic Management” was awarded as the “Best Paper” in an International Conference.
He has coauthored a book titled “Strategic Management” for the post graduate management students. He has contributed a chapter to the book “How of Strategy”. He has reviewed several books on ethics and values and authored articles on ethics.
On a personal note, he is keenly interested in Yoga and Vipassana meditation and believes in imparting values in education.

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